Author - SEN Team

Top10 Things you didn’t know about Chile


South America is full of scenic mannerisms. In Chile mother nature is diverse and therefore very popular to travellers. Besides all the facts you already know about this beautiful country there might be some things you didn’t know. World’s Biggest Swimming Pool In Algarrobo city in the Pacific coast, we find the most impressive...

Casa Life with SEN – a field report


It sounds like one crazy Reality-TV show. One big house, 12 different characters and loads of excitement. Undoubtedly living in a SEN Casa is a unique and crazy experience for young students from all over the world. Hopefully studying is going to take most of your time and living in a big house where everything’s taking care of is quiet a good...

Trekking in Santiago – best spots


When nature is calling you, Santiago is not a bad place to go Trekking. Actually it’s quite the contrary. Three beautiful hills are waiting for you. So take your backpack and tie your shoes! It’s going to be awesome.   Cerro San Cristóbal The tall hill rises 300meters (984ft.) over the capital and provides an awesome panoramic view over...

Why skiing the Andes Mountains is one-of-a-kind


The monumental Andes Mountains are the biggest coherent mountain range on earth. Quiet impressive, right?! 7500 kilometers of majestic beauty… and good fun. Chile’s part is worth seeing and in best conditions for wintersports. You can snowboard and ski in the Tres Valles (Three Valleys) as high as 3,670 meters (12,040 feet) above sea...

Top 5 Helpful Apps for Santiago de Chile


Once you arrived in Santiago you want to get started as soon as possible and the right Apps are essential to do so. Here are some applications you really need in Chile:   #5 – WiFi – Finder Getting access to a public WiFi spot can be as satisfying as opening birthday presents. So this service provides you with free WiFi spots...