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Seven Bone Chilling Parks in Santiago


Santiago is a surprising city. Chile’s capital is something of a boom town, growing ever eastward in a rush of rising steel and blue glass. It can be a busy and frenetic place but Santiago does also enjoy a surprising number of green spaces, little pockets of calm amid the action. So if you’re on vacation in Santiago, wrap up some warm...

Why we celebrate “El Dieciocho”


The 18th of September The main holiday takes place on the 18th, which is no wonder why everyone refers to the celebrations as el Dieciocho (the 18th). Like many countries, this day is not the actual date of Chilean independence, but it commemorates the day the First Assembly of the Government gathered proclaiming autonomy. This date marked the...

How to make tasty Ceviche

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Fresh fish, intense lime juice and spicy seasoning. Sounds great, right?! To brighten up your day or to recover from being hungover, a delicious Ceviche is the best treat. The peruvian dish is very simple but sooo good. There a tons of different varieties. Here is a basic and solid way of making yummy yummy in your tummy. Recipe 1kg of fresh...