Once you arrived in Santiago you want to get started as soon as possible and the right Apps are essential to do so. Here are some applications you really need in Chile:


#5 – WiFi – Finder


Getting access to a public WiFi spot can be as satisfying as opening birthday presents. So this service provides you with free WiFi spots nearby. Therefore you can have birthday every day and that’s quiet awesome!


#4 – Tinder


Sounds kind of stereotype, but ‘Tinder’ isn’t necessarily just for good fun in bedrooms. Sure… it can, but also you get the opportunity to meet Chileans who are keen to hang out with you. Don’t worry, you will read ‘You got a Match’ more often than you would ever expect. They will possibly show you some awesome places you wouldn’t see otherwise.


#3 – 2GIS – Offline Map


Chiles capital is huge! In case you won’t have any internet connection and reception your best friend is an application called 2GIS. After the application is installed you it takes a while to download the map of the specific city. After that you are free to go anywhere you want without any web connection. Once you have it you’ll never get lost in Santiago. Likewise you can check out nice places recommended by the app. Wicked!


#2 – Santiago Transit

santiago transit

There are many apps for public transportation. The most convenient one is ‘Santiago Transit’. Looks kind of old, but it’s so easy to handle. The GPS will track down your position and you just have to decide where you want to go. Despite all this great technology nobody really understands, you need the Metro Card called ‘bip!’ first. Otherwise you won’t get in any Metro or Bus. You can buy or recharge the card on literally every Metro station.


#1 – Uber


In Santiago de Chile the taxi drivers are shit. Especially to all poor tourists and foreigners.  If you don’t have any other choice take it, but they will drive around for hours while your destination is just a few blocks away. A cheap alternative is ‘Uber’. Drivers will pick you up within a seconds and drop you off anywhere you like for a little fee. Don’t worry if you are drunk as hell and you don’t have any cash left, you pay with credit card. In Santiago ‘Uber’ is a common way to earn some extra bugs.


If you know any other helpful App feel free to post them in our comment box.




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