Chileans are crazy about football, especially when the national team is playing. Friends and families put on the red jersey, get together and have a blast watching the game. When you are fortunate enough to join such an important Chilean event, be the freaking hero of the evening and show your awesome football knowledge.


Here are all the facts you need to know about Chilean football:


  • 5th best national team in the world (FIFA World Ranking)
  • the Chilean Team is called after their red colored jerseys ‘La Roja’
  • current Champion of the most prestigious tournament in America (Copa America) – Chile won recently two times in a row (2015 y 2016)
  • players and their nicknames: Alexis Sanchez (Niño Maravillo), Eduardo Vargas (Turbo Man), Arturo Vidal (El Rey), Gary Medel (El Pitbull), Francisco Silva (El Gato) and Claudio Bravo (El Capitán)
  • a few players stay at some of Europe’s first class teams (Barcelona, Arsenal London, Bayern Munich)
  • two ‘top’ teams in Chile: Universidad de Chile and Colo Colo
  • during the 2014 World Cup in Brasil ‘Las Rojas’ kicked out the current World Champion Spain with a 2-0
  • host country of the 1962 World Cup (3rd place)
  • top goal scorer is Marcelo Salas (37 goals)
  • Carlos Caszely of Chile was the first red carded player in a World Cup tournament on            June 14, 1974
  • Most Important Chant: C-H-I! CHI! L-E! LE! CHI CHI CHI, LE LE LE, VIVA CHILE!


P.S. It’s even easier to start a football conversation, because most of the time football talk is superficial anyway. It’s basically all about judging the players and hoping the best for the future. Here are two examples: ‘That player is a beast!’ or ‘The new players are going to be the big difference next season’.





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