Trekking in Santiago – best spots


When nature is calling you, Santiago is not a bad place to go Trekking. Actually it’s quite the contrary. Three beautiful hills are waiting for you. So take your backpack and tie your shoes! It’s going to be awesome.


Cerro San Cristóbal


The tall hill rises 300meters (984ft.) over the capital and provides an awesome panoramic view over the whole city. How do I get up? Good question, son. The cable railway is worth the experience but going up by foot is awesome as well. Once you made it to the top the holy Virgin Mary welcomes you with holy songs ringing out of biblical speakers and one of the best views free of charge.


Cerro Santa Lucía


Located in right in the center of Santiago the floristic Cerro Santa Lucía creates the best selfie images. Like a time travel into the 19thcentury the pompous castles, old guns and colorful flowers can be found all the way to the top. It’s not a big deal to make it to the top (20 minutes) but the scenery is just one of a kind. Caution! The tiny stairs can be slippery. So ladies, please wear sneakers!


Cerro Manquehe


It’s a slightly different beast from the two listed above. It was once an active volcano, but for the last 19 million years it has been safely extinct. It’s located in the far North-East of Santiago rising 1078m above the surrounding area. There are a multitude of routes to climb both up and down Manquehue and the surrounding, smaller peaks. Be careful, heavy rains have created plenty of what appear to be beaten paths, but are in fact simply erosion channels from running water.


Sky Costanera


Trekking is exhausting, takes a lot of time and sometimes you get wet. OMG!!! The most convenient way having a nice view over the capital is Sky Costanera. Integrated in the biggest malls in Chile the observation deck attracts thousands of tourists every year. From the highest two levels of the ‘Gran Torre Santiago’ nothing interferes the view. Best conditions. As soon as you get on top level the smell of fresh air fills up the noses. After five minutes of considering all facts you’ll recognize there is no roof. It’s almost Trekking then. The ticket prize for students on weekdays starts from 4000CLP.

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