It sounds like one crazy Reality-TV show. One big house, 12 different characters and loads of excitement. Undoubtedly living in a SEN Casa is a unique and crazy experience for young students from all over the world. Hopefully studying is going to take most of your time and living in a big house where everything’s taking care of is quiet a good option to graduate properly. As well living with people from all over the world makes your leisure time on-of-a-kind. France, Mexico, Germany, USA, Spain… the list goes on and on.

You really get to get a firsthand perspective by living day to day experiences with people of other nationalities’, Mexican student Brendan states. During his exchange semester he stayed in Casa Las Condes for five month. ‘You really get to become close friends after a couple of months’, he goes on. The simple things like cooking dinner and having some drinks together made the students become more than just housemates after a while.

The convenience of renting a room provided by an agency is that you’re not in charge of the house itself. ‘You don´t have to worry about taking care of the bills and the maintenance that are involved with renting a place of your own’, Brendan remembers contentedly, ‘[…] the cleaning services were efficient.’ The cleaning service shows up twice a week and tidies up all common areas. So there is more time for important stuff like homework, praying and making your bed. Just kidding.

While staying in Southamerica, Brendan travelled a little by himself. Also he went Trekking to Cerro Manquehe with Santiago Exchange. However the best memory Brendan has about his time in Chile is, and we didn’t pay him to say that, the time he had in the Casa with his mates: ‘Definitely sharing experiences with my roommates. It´s hard to notice it but they quickly grow on you and suddenly you have good pals no matter where there from.’ At the start of this semester over 60 exchange students reside in a house or an apartment provided by SEN. We are looking forward to see many more housemates become friends until the end of the semester.


Brendan (2nd left) with his housemates in Casa Las Condes



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