Chilean Patagonia is a magical land of volcanoes and lakes, glaciers and gauchos, and home to the iconic Torres del Paine National Park, voted the world’s 8th wonder in 2013. Its a breathtaking banquet of beauty and wildlife. You can see the main sights in a single day but to really capture its magic we think you should linger longer.

Here are six reasons not to miss Torres del Paine!


Magnificent views greet you in every direction and most are easily accessed, while extended hikes reveal hidden gems. Snow dusted mountains hold glaciers defiantly hanging to their sides Staring in awe at the Towers rising 3,000m from the Patagonian steep provide one of the most inspiring views a traveller could ever hope to see.



The extended daylight, up to 17hrs in summer, is full of intense colours, contrasts and textures thanks to its southern location. Make sure you rise early for sunrise, when the Cuernos (horns) of the Paine Massif turn purple and then red in the early light.



The park offers some of the best trekking in the world. Walking trails take you through dense forests, alongside waterfalls and past turquoise lakes. Views reach up to the Southern Ice Field, stretching back 350km, with an area of 12,330 km2. Walks vary from short and easy, to extensive and challenging, with the legendary “W” spread over 4 long days.



An extensive range of indigenous animals call the park home and you’ll easily spot condors, foxes, and guanacos. There are packages focussed on tracking and observing animals, including the elusive puma.



Excellent facilities, a great range of activities and the magnificent scenery makes for Torres del Paine a MUST! Besides this, you could join SEN and a group of exchange students from all over the world to travel through Patagonia, making friends, memories and tacking back home stories to be told forever.



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