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CreamfieldsCL, the biggest electronic music festival in Chile, is an event you won´t want to miss. This year, the 12th edition of CreamfieldsCL, will be held in the centre of Santiago at Club Hipico. For Chilean people, Creamfields Chile provides an experience that feels like more than just a festival.

In 2011, Mysteryland was the first huge outdoor electronic music festival in Chile. Laura, from the Mysteryland organisation, enthusiastically describes this event saying, “It was so incredible. From all the countries I have ever been, the enthusiasm in Chile was the most amazing.”

Streetmachine, the Chilean company that organised the Mysteryland editions in Chile, is also the producer of CreamfieldsCL.

This year Creamfields will be held outside for the 2nd year in a row, and the magical and enthusiastic vibe of the Chilean people will be sure to make it a night to remember.


This year, CreamfieldsCL is going to be a completely new, revamped experience. The 2016 edition featured several stages, a fantastic line up, and enormous crowds. The addition of a huge main stage and spectacular ending with fireworks shot new life into Creamfields after it started twelve years ago as a smaller, inside event.

The 2017 edition will feature all the new additions from 2016, but this time it will offer a lot more than a big commercial show.


This year there will be a larger variety of electronic music styles and additional cultural activities. The commercial manager of Streetmachine Productions says, “The past year we took a big step by moving the festival from night to day, but now the challenge is to make it bigger. In this new format, we are creating a lot of new areas with new activities and entertainment areas next to the stages and the music. You will find games, art and health in this new world of Creamfields.”


CreamfieldsCL offers more than just popular electronic music artists, it is a festival offering an innovative electronic music experience. Zamora from Streetmachine says,“We want Creamfields Chile to represent the actual, the original, the massive, the underground and even more electronic music sounds. We will have new scenarios, great DJ’s and even live acts.” 

We have streamlined the festival experience by implementing more efficient systems to decrease wait times, as well as offering free access to water to beat the heat.


Join us on November 12 to enjoy the electronic music experience and see how Chilean people share their love with CreamfieldsCL.



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