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Foreigners, Exchange students, Interns, or young professionals… if you just landed in that crazy city or it’s already been weeks that you live an amazing experience in Santiago but you are struggling with your money, you are at the right place.

Indeed, you thought that Latino America would be way cheaper than your own country, but one week was enough to realize that here transportation is not unlimited, that eating something else than a completo makes you broke and that buying clothe from your favourite international brands is like affording a Luis Vuitton bag. “TRANQUILA”, “NO TE PREOCUPES” as they say here… thanks to this article you will be able to spend less while making the most of your stay here !

 We found for you the 10 best Santiago deals!

1/ Cine a luka / One luka cine

cine a luka - santiago exchange - SENYou are a fan a cinema, you have plenty of time because you have a 3 days-timetable but you prefer to save your money for your final road trip? Thanks to the one-luka-cine, you can do both without eating pasta the whole previous week. It is as easy as pie: have a look at their web page and check out the program of the week. Normal price is 3000 pesos but if you register on a list through their Facebook event, you will only be charged 1000.

They have movies in English, Spanish and even French, so no more excuse!! Going to the cine in Santiago even becomes a cheap manner to improve your language skills.

2/ The “Pesomanía” in 100 montaditos

100 mantaditos- SEN - Santiago Exchange - Intercambio« Muy rico » but you are fed up with eating empanadas or completos to fill up your stomach? Try 100 montaditos, in patiobellavisa or Plaza Oeste and be spoiled for choice for the same price !!!

As its name says, you will find more than 100 choices of Montaditos, small but gourmet Spanish sandwiches, but also Sangria, beers, Tinto de verano…. But the price is the most interesting part as every Wednesday is the “Pesomanía”


3/ “Tour4tips”

tour_SEN_santiago-exchange_activityYou have been living in Santiago for weeks already and you feel that this city still has too many secrets for you? Taking a free tour of the city might be a good idea then.

Tour4tips offers free 3-hours walk tours during which a « nice » guide will make a historical, cultural, and gastronomical introduction of Santiago. We insist, the guide will definitely be nice and will try to make the tour as entertaining as possible, telling you funny facts and joking around as you tip just what you think they deserve. This is definitely worth it.

Every day at 10am and 3pm in front of the Museo de Bellas Artes– the guides wear red-and-white-striped. The morning tour focuses on off-beat Santiago, the afternoon one on the highlights of the city.

4/ LA VEGA – Fresh and cheap fruits

la-vega_SEN_santiago-exchange_mercadoOpen 7 days a week, 365 days a year, La Vega is one of the best known markets in Chile. Be one of the thousands of people going for a walk among its stalls and take advantage to buy the freshest produce in town without spending much. Live a great cultural experience and enjoy the mix of colors and aromas. The great atmosphere of La Vega will make your day!

5/ Patronato Market – budget clothing market

patronato_SEN_sentiago-exchange-networkIf museums are not you cup of tea and you would rather hang out in a traditional market you should definitely pass by Patronato neighbourhood. Characterized by affordable clothe shops, you can also find accessories, shoes, toys, jewellery, books, lingerie, and oriental supermarket… We guaranty you that this very cosmopolitan area won’t let you leave empty-handed.

6/ GROUPON in Chile

groupon_SEN_santiago-exchange-networkDid you know that GROUPON exist in Chile ? For those who have never heard of it, it is an international website offering deal-of-the-day recommendation service depending on your localisation. Every 24 hours, Groupon broadcasts an electronic coupon for a restaurant or store in your city… with a 40% to 60% discount.

They are now offering trips, activities, products … so feel free to register here : It’s easy, free and it does not commit you to anything !!!

7/ & Mercado Libre – Free items

yapo_mercado-libre_SEN_santiago-exchange-networkYou might have never thought about it but remember nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

So don’t be shy neither shameful to look for FREE objects or furniture on those very useful and well known websites selling new and second hand treasures (« For sale by private treaty »). and MERCADOLIBRE are the most popular ones in Chile and ads change everyday! We advise you to use keywords such as: “se regala”, “regalo”,”gratis”,…

8/ “El mundo del vino” – Affordable Chilean Wine

SEN - Mundo del vino - santiago exchang network -You fell in love with Chilean wine and you can’t stand drinking “shitty” wine from supermarkets anymore? “El mundo del vino” is the place to buy Chilean Wine without breaking the bank as it offers good quality wine for correct prices.

9/ Free museums in Santiago

musee_SEN_santiago-exchange-networkAdmission is FREE on Sundays: The Museo Bellas Artes is definitely one of santiago’s Art Museums than needs to be seen. Find there a collection of Chile’s contemporary art scene and some of the best works in the country.

Admission is FREE on Sundays and holidays : The Museo Histórico Nacional, in the Palacio de la Real Audiencia de Santiago Building, is a great museum in which you will learn about the Chilean history.

FREE guided tour: Don’t miss the presidential palace of Chile’s FREE GUIDED TOUR (schedule your tour a week in advance). Called the Palacio de La Moneda, it offers beautiful sculptures by Chilean artists among others. The changing of the guard ceremony is also a must see: every day at 10 am, or during the week end at 11am but we advise you to check the calendar before you go.

Free before 12pm every day and free tour : For the early birds, visit the Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda and its different art and cultural exhibits. It is under the plaza behind La Moneda! (they also offer FREE tours, don’t hesitate to ask)

Free admission every day : The Museo Ralli is one of the smaller museums in Chile, but for many of us it becomes our favorite. Don’t miss out their collection of original sculptures by Salvador Dalí and find there modern art from all over Ibero-America.

10/ Free outdoor art exhibitions in Santiago

Art_SEN_santiago-exchange_best-dealsSantiago’s Sculpture Park is definitely one of the most popular free outdoor exhibitions in Santiago. Discover around 30 sculptures made by Chilean artists in the lovely and tranquil park situated along the banks of the Mapocho River. Free concerts in summer months (January-March) are also often hold.

Murals lovers, don’t miss Museo al Cielo Libre in San Miguel, an open air museum dedicated to street artists that give a particular charm to the neighbourhood. (Closest Metro: Departmental)

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