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chilean drinks

Being in Chile, clearly you need to try the famous Chilean drinks. During all its trips, parties, and activities  SEN try to make you discover the true Chilean culture organizing typical BBQ with “Choripan”, of course, but we also make sure that you taste our best cocktails ! In Santiago Exchange Network we are not alcoholic, we just love good and tasty things, and we like to share it with you, so check out simple and fun recipes of chilean drinks. And take advantage to be here because even if some of the drinks are known worldwide, you won’t be able to find the ingredients outside of Chile. Prepare yourself for a mouthwatering experience!

1. Terremoto, 1 pitcher   

Terremoto– 7 dl of Vino pipeño
(wine made from ordinary grape stock)

– 1 dl of Fernet
– 2 dl of pineapple ice cream
– Blast of Granadina

1. Add the wine and Fernet to the pitcher
2. Continue with the pineapple ice cream, 4 spoons
3. Mix the ingredients gently
4. At last add the Granadina
5. Serve and enjoy

 2. Pisco Sour

Pisco sour

2,5 dl of Pisco –
250 g of powdered sugar –
4 limes –
1 mug of ice –

 1. Squeeze the juice of lime
2. Add the ice, lime juice and pisco to a blender
3. Liquefy
4. Serve!


3. Melón con vino

– 1 Melonmelon-con-vino
– White wine
– Sugar, according to your taste

1. Cut the melon
2. Hollow out the melon and chop the melon pulp
3. Add sugar according to your taste
4. Add the wine
5. Enjoy

4. Fanshop

1 can of beer –
1 can of fanta, or other beverage of orange –
1. Mix the beer with Fanta.

5. Piscola

Piscola -Pisco according to your taste
 -Coca Cola

1. Mix the two ingredients and enjoy!



 6. Borgoña

1 l of red wine –Borgoña
20 strawberries –

1. Add the wine and cut strawberries to a pitcher
2. Serve the drink from small glasses



7. Ponche a la Romana


– 1 bottle of champagne
– 1 l of pineapple ice cream

1. Add the champagne and ice cream to a pitcher
2. Mix gently

3. Serve from high glasses


8. Vaina

Vaina2 cl of sweet white wine –
2 cl of cognac –
2 cl of cocoa liquor –
Sugar –
Egg yolk –
Pinch of cinnamon –

1. Mix all ingredients in a blender with ice
2. Serve the drink and dust the cinnamon at the top of the drink

We hope that you will enjoy these awesome drinks during your stay in Chile and that you’ll miss them so much once home that you will make them there thinking back your student exchange experience.

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