Public transportation in Santiago de Chile

public transportation santiago chile

SEN wants to help your arrival to Chile and will explain you how to use safely public transportation in Chile.

First of all when you arrive to the airport, Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez, you have a few options to get to your destination. You can find public transportation to the city center but if you feel insecure you can always book SEN´s reliable and safe airport pick up.

Official Taxi Santiago

You need to be careful with the taxis, they almost always try to cheat you if you don´t speak very well Spanish and even if you do, they´ll try it anyway. Find out the approximate prices and routes in advance if you plan to take a taxi. Remember always to take the official taxi.


When you settle down and start to use public transportation, you need to buy the BIP!- card which is the card for public transportation, buses and metro. You can buy it in the customer service offices and all metro stations’ ticket offices. Notice that when you start your classes in your University you can obtain the Pase Escolar, BIP!- card for students. Thereby you can use the public transportation cheaper. You can ask for more information from your University.

BIP!- Card

The public transportation system in Santiago is called Transantiago. From the official webpage you can find the prices, bus routes, metro map etc.




Metro Santiago

Metro Santiago

Well, the metro routes are quite easy and metro operates frequently, but take in to account that there´s some hours, peak times, when the metro is packed. Note also that within these hours there are some routes where the metro doesn´t stop at every station. With the buses it´s quite different story. There´s no schedule and sometimes you have to prepare yourself to wait longer as usual, this happens more at the peak times. But you´ll get use to the system quickly.

If you wish to know how to get from one place to another you can use the service called Planifica Transantiago. It doesn´t show you what time the bus passes your bus stop but you can see the route you need to use.

There´s also an application which shows you when the bus will pass your bus stop, it´s called Transantiago Bus checker.

MapIf you are fanatic cyclist you can find the bicycle paths on Google, using the keywords ciclovias Santiago de Chile. But be careful, the traffic in Santiago is crazy.

Bikesantiago could be your best choice to enjoy your rides without worrying where to leave your bike.

We hope that you enjoy your stay in Santiago and learned something useful about the public transportation with this SEN´s article.

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