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Video: Chilenismos


“In which my delightful sister and I educate you in some of the phrases and vocabulary particular to Chile. It’s a very brief introduction into some of the peculiarities that make up “chilean” by two people who have no claim whatsoever to the language! And the best part is: Half of these don’t work outside of the...

Dumb Stuff the Gringa Says


There are real pros and cons to speaking another language. The pros are much talked about, but let’s get serious. Speaking (or attempting to speak) another language leaves you wide (I mean WIDE) open for riduclosity (I know that’s not a word–but it helps make my point!) Let me say that I’m no novice at Spanish. I feel pretty comfortable...

20 signs you’re culturally Chilean


  1. You use the diminutive form of every word. Upon arriving in Chile and hearing Chileans speak for the first time, you might come to the conclusion that everything in Chile is tiny. You’ll learn that Chileans use the diminutive form of most nouns just for kicks, and a few select others in the augmentative form. In Spanish, the diminutive...